Pakistan Reforms Initiative


The Pakistan Reforms’ Initiative (PRI) Forum is an on ground, collective collaborative platform that offers support to much needed interventions, and Reforms, organizing it under the banner of Pakistan Reforms’ initiative.

The purpose of the Forum is to initiate dialogues, organize serious discussion, provide advice, roll out actionable plan, and information to organisers before, during and after the process of launching and implementing an initiative.

The Forum will allow Reformers, general public, stakeholders to learn more about the PRI through different mechanisms (including legal avenues), and enable  them to discuss Pakistan’s policies and PRI proposals with policy makers within Pakistan, to find partners in other countries, to ask for legal, campaigning and awareness advice from experts, and to exchange experiences.

The objective is to foster interaction between (potential) organizers, government, policy makers, legislatures, Reformers and experts on the topics identified.

Pakistan Reforms Initiative will deploy political, social and legal strategies to execute plans and recommendations which flow from above workshops, discussions.

The Pakistan Reforms’ Initiative Forum is a pilot project, operated by a consortium of three organizations – PAPRED, HS&A and – on behalf of and under Pakistan’s laws.


  • The project aims to foster Pakistan Reforms and to improve conditions for civic, social, intellectual, legal and democratic participation at grass roots through the civil society by gradually transforming the relationship between Pakistani people and stakeholders by indentifying and then bringing the desired reforms.
  • And -makers into more of a partnership, thus contributing to the creation of an engaged Reforms in institutions, agencies, people and . Specifically, our projects, discussion, interventions, and legal engagements will contribute to making Pakistan a better and viable place to live.
  • Our legal, intellectual, social engagement will be meant to provide
  • We want to encourage participation, involvement and democratic engagement by establishing contact between, people, institutions, stakeholders and policy makers.
  • The aim is to attract thinkers, researchers, implementers and practioners together and initiate change.

To Act

Through the different sections of the Forum, Pakistan Reform Initiative will:

  • LEARN more about the PRI through Guidance material and seminars;
  • DISCUSS about the PRI and their ideas for initiatives;
  • CONNECT with other Reformers interested in the same Pakistanis’ issues and initiatives;
  • SEEK ADVICE by submitting enquires and receiving tailor-made legal, campaigning and awareness advice;
  • ENGAGE:- through Forums, legislature, Superior Courts, Media